Rubber expansion joints are flexible connectors made from natural or synthetic elastomers(Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Hypalon, FKM, Buthyl) in which special fabrics are embedded to provide physical reinforcement. Rubber expansion joints provide a proven and flexible solution to accommodate many types of movements and requirements of industrial plant and equipment.

  • Application

    Air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems in industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels and on board ships Central and ancillary power generating stations in industrial buildings, factories, ships and off-shore Sewage disposal and water treatment plant, pumps, etc. Process piping in pulp and paper manufacture.

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Material Main applications temperature
Neoprene(CR) Applications involving sea water, water cooling systems -30℃~100℃
EPDM Hot water, heating and ventilation systems -40℃~140℃
Hypalon(CSM) Chemical plants, transportation of strong acids (except nitric or sulphuric acid) -25℃~130℃
Viton(FKM)) High temperature applications, transportation of products derived from petroleum -25℃~220℃
Nitrile(NBR) Transportation of foodstuffs, potable water distribution Oil and Gas transportation, refineries -25℃~100℃
Buthyl TH High temperature -40℃~150℃